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JAWBL GmbH operates freely and independently on international markets.  We are experienced, technologically advanced and offer comprehensive expertise in decentralized energy solutions, supporting and assisting you in developing sales or purchasing markets.
Our mission is to promote the use of clean energy and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.  Our services cover the entire value chain, from product development and manufacturing, sales and retailing to marketing and after-sales service.
With more than 20 years of experience, our expertise and infrastructure are improving day by day.  With a solid and flexible company structure, we will help you to enter new markets smoothly.  We adopt strict quality management, independently produce modules, PACKs, BMS and systems, and deliver high-quality, safety products in a timely manner to fulfill our commitment to environmental protection and a greener planet.
JAWBL Gmbh  is a global company provides great services with internal trading know how in various sectors of business. Our expertise connect markets, time zones and continents to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions across a broad range of industry sectors.


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We take pride in everything we do, and control over our products allows us to ensure our customers receive quality service.

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